Where can one see the lunar eclipse online or at a viewing party.  Here are a couple of options and how to find out.

The best option would be to watch the eclipse online via NASA's live feed of the eclipse from Huntsville Alabama. Which I have embedded right here. 

A good option would be to go to a local planetarium or university.  Where their will almost certainly be dedicated sky watchers who will set up the live feed and make a party out of the event.  The Adler Planetarium in Chicago is going to have such an event tonight  If as the forecast predicts it is overcast it is likely that the very live feed from NASA will be what's shown.   The advantage of this is it becomes a night out.  

Either way I strongly suggest that you get out and enjoy this eclipse in some form or fashion.  Nature does not treat us to these spectacles very often. 

Update: 10:19 AM 12/20/2010

Many thanks to my reader Annie who found a very good website with lots of detailed viewing information on the Eclipse.   It answers questions such as "Do I need eye protection to view this eclipse?"  I can answer that one , no.  Unlike a Solar eclipse a Lunar eclipse can be viewed safely.   That is because in a lunar eclipse the only light is that which would reflect off the moon from the sun,  while in a solar eclipse before the sun is totally covered you would be looking at direct sunlight. 

Update:10:37 AM 12/20/2010
NASA's website where they will embed a player for their live feed of the Lunar eclipse will be at _http://www.nasa.gov/connect/chat/lunar_eclipse.html    They will also host a live chat at that address with NASA personnel.